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The Complete Freelance Writing Training

Learn how to become a pro freelance writer | taught by Walter Akolo

Course description

This course shows you how you can get excellent freelance writing clients.

It is expected that you already know the basics of writing before joining this course. This means that you basically can write grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs.

Here, we'll cover the following:

  • Guidelines on how to write for clients
  • Setting up working and payment accounts
  • Where to get those awesome clients you hear about

Since nowadays you can earn higher from direct or private clients as opposed to clients that you get from sites like Upwork, I've included ways to get direct clients in this course. You'll learn how to get clients through:

  1. Websites
  2. Social media
  3. Cold-pitching
  4. Blogging

I'll also talk about how you can utilize your talent to write an eBook that you can sell to your audience.

Walter Akolo
Walter Akolo
Freelance Writer and Internet Marketer

I'm the founder and blogger at I've been a freelance writer since April, 2011 and blogger since April 2012.

During this time, I've been able to land lucrative freelance writing clients, some who even went on to hire me to manage their websites. I've been featured in many top publications such as Standard Media, Huffington Post, Homeboyz, Paysa and SmartKenyan.

I've also written and sold 2 highly successful ebooks.

I created this course to help you shine. I want you to also land high value clients and become a successful online writer.

You can get in touch with us through the email address Note that this is the official support email that will get you the fastest response.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Getting Clients through Freelancing Websites
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Chapter 2: Getting Social Media Clients
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Chapter 3: Cold-Pitching for High-Value Clients
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Chapter 4: Blogging for Top-Writer Status
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Chapter 5: Supplementing Your Writing Income Through eBooks
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Chapter 6: Outsourcing and Turning Your Career Into a More Profitable Business
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Reviews (45)

Walter Akolo's Complete Writing Course

by Joseph Vele
This is a superb course. It has taught me valuable insights on article writing and freelance writing generally. I'm now equipped with all the skills I will ever need to take my writing to greater heights. Thank you, Walter, for this great course. Continue inspiring and touching many upcoming writers through such well designed, insightful and simplified content, rich in knowledge and practical information. I will always look forward to such courses. Many thanks.

my review

The best assessment and training course so far.

by judith mutiso
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Walter Akolo's Complete Writing Course

by Joseph Vele
This is a superb course. It has taught me valuable insights on article writing and freelance writing generally. I'm now equipped with all the skills I will ever need to take my writing to greater heights. Thank you, Walter, for this great course. Continue inspiring and touching many upcoming writers through such well designed, insightful and simplified content, rich in knowledge and practical information. I will always look forward to such courses. Many thanks.

my review

The best assessment and training course so far.

by judith mutiso

by Benjamin Muasya


by Rebeccah Waithima

Complete Freelance Writing Course: The Pacesetter

by Stephen Nthamburi Kimathi
This is a brilliant course I have come across ever. I dreamt of freelancing job but with such a training, I count my self in. The course is detailed and self explanatory. This is exactly what I was looking for. It is actually a complete step by step guide on how to become industrious freelancer online. I sincerely thank my facilitator, mentor and my trainer Mr. Walter Akolo. This is a real pacesetter training that needs to be grabbed with zeal.

by Lucy Maina

Quality Content

The course has multiple learning modalities, intuitive navigation and support get back to you almost immediately with a detailed response any time you are stuck. I got my website two weeks into the training. I only paid for the hosting and Walter took care of everything else for free! I am still learning about blogging and how to reach out to clients using the samples in my blog. Walter is 100% legit, and I give the course a five star rating!


by Joseph Odie
This is the best course for anyone who wants to learn more about freelance writing and blogging.Walter is always there and ready to help whenever you're stuck or don't understand anything.The course is easy to understand and everything taught can actually be implemented by anyone so long as you put in the effort.

by Caroline Mokih
The course was very easy to understand. I always got answers to the questions I had. God bless you Walter. I know that I will reach your level and beyond some day.

Very eye opening.

by Loyce Atekit Mary
Never thought writing entailed all these details .Thanks for opening my eyes with all these tips. I think I am now way beyond being just an ordinary writer.

by kenneth kiptoo
Perfect training. I grew more than I had ever imagined!

Pure Gold

by Grace itumbiri
this is what I needed to kick start my journey to greatness as a freelancer! my highlight was the incredibly actionable points provided herein. I would highly recommend it.

Great value for money.

by Nyawira Githae
It would be hard to get a course that is as detailed as this for that kind of money. I particularly liked that it was very practical. It encourages the student to practice what is taught.

You are God sent Walter

My name is Jane I woke up one day and felt my head spinning. I was broke and had 5,000 shillings only in my bank account. I was jobless and I didn't know what to do with the 5k that would give me more money back as profit. I took a day to think things through. I have always wanted to do serious online writing but I didn't know how. I was on Walter's email subscription list and I could receive his emails every day. So, that day, I received this email on his training course. Immediately, I made up my mind and I used 4,000 shillings to subscribe for the course. I am so happy that I made the decision. I have got a client who have given me a paid test of $60 and I trust that this project is mine to write on. He told me that my work is good quality and he would like to hire me. I am so thrilled. I look forward to make this my full-time career and step by step rise up the ladder. Thank you so much Walter. No more joblessness. No more stress. God bless you

by Caroline Kabutu

freelance writing course

by grace njenga
Written in simple language. Easy to understand and implement. Thank you for a support system that assists quickly without delays.

The Best Article Training Course!

by Meshack Sewe
The course is very comprehensive, and well packaged. It provides adequate reference sources that are rich in information and insights. Through checklist document, performance evaluation becomes much easier and effective!


by Judy Wanjiku
I loved the details, references and the clarity in the lessons.


by Anne Mburu
Great can't stop reading

by Onesmus Ngatia


by hellen wangari

Quite a good course. I highly recommend it.

by Maurice Mwangangi

freelance writing course

by Margaret Mugo
i highly recommend this course to new freelance writers

Best site for freelance training

by Penina Tuwei
I learned a lot and got encouragement I could not find for the past 3 years I have been searching for information. Walter is such a dedicated guy who is patient enough to guide you through, he doesn't care if you don't have experience, he's ready to show you the right path to follow. Thanks so much.

The FreelancerKenya Training Review

by Joseline Sila
The Complete Freelance Writing Course was an incredible experience, very informative and the crew behind the training was very accommodating. The training has saved me a lot of hassle trying to figure out how the freelance writing industry works. However, in my opinion, a little more information can be added in the blog and website creation section. On the other hand, the rest of the course was dandy. Special thanks to one Walter Akolo.

Highly recommend

by Muthami Nzilili
This is the best course for a writer with staggering writing skills, it'll help you improve your writing, change your article writing perspective and make you consider writing as full time career.

by Felix Githinji


by Rose Mwangi
Every newbie needs this training in order to find direction and stay focused till their dream and desire is realized. Its awesome, its worth taking.

More of a study of the writing landscape than a training for writers.

by David Kimutai
This course helps freelancers know where and a little of how to look for work. It does not teach how to write- even with the Penstars bonus. Writing tips occupy a small part of chapter one, and they are basically content mill instructions. The rest is how to get clients, blog, and avoid being scammed. Most of the content is quite shallow and can be expanded to give in-depth and diverse case studies beyond Walter's experiences which make up all the case studies. This will help because not every writer has a vision to go the way Walter has gone. There are a myriad other trajectories a writing career can follow. Precious little info on how to target and build a solid list of potential prospects in various fields of writing- even after following the links. Note: I had left a review earlier but saw it remain blank for some reason, so I am doing it again to help guys know what this is then decide whether they need it. Still, this training was probably ahead of its time when it came, now it needs a serious upgrade.


by stellah kanini
Very educative.The entire course is very informative.I have learnt more than I used to brag about.Thanks a lot Walter Akolo.God bless you and add you more knowledge.You are my true inspiration.

by Peris Wanjiru
The course is great. The language used is simple and instructions easy to follow. The best part is that even before you complete the course, you are already enabled to work for clients. I would recommend anyone with a passion for writing to do it. It is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Freelance Writing Course

by Kevin Irungu
The training course is excellent.

by Joseph ndubi

Freelancer training with Walter Akolo

by Lilian Mwangi
This course is among the best online courses I ever came across. It has sufficient information, progressive assignments, and mentorship. I subscribed for free emails from Walter Akolo when I was not sure I really wanted to do online work. It is from the emails that I got the courage to join his online course whereby everything I needed to know about article writing was covered; writing guidelines, payment accounts, starting a blog, opening an account, cold pitching etc. I would recommend Walter as a trainer to anyone interested in article writing. He volunteers information and is very responsive to emails.

freelance course

by eric mutai
It was awesome! I learnt a lot and enjoyed the training.

Freelance Writing Course

by Neela Musumba
The whole course touches on almost every little detail that is needed to get you started. The support offered by Walter is awesome, always available to assist

Good stuff for novice writers

by Moses Mumo
One thing i liked about the course is straight to the point approach . Walter takes you through some examples and also narrates his past experience and how to avoid such in your own journey. Learned a lot. Thumbs up Walter .

by Annah Mbatha

Very Much Appropriate

by Mustafa Abdulhussein
Chapters nicely laid out and easy to follow.There is a lot of information to take in but its been put in an organized way so easy to follow.Very good value for money I must say.I learned many things I didn't know and could never have known.This is the very first course I could afford to take.I know it will take me a very long time to establish myself as a writer online but God Willing I will do it. Thanks so much Walter Be Blessed This Eid Day Sincerely Mustafa

by george goko

Excellent Course

by Roy Gachuiri
I have to say that this course is not what I thought it'd be like. I had totally underestimated it. It's not only very informative and innovative, but also a truly first class course. I actually think it'worth more money than it costs. So glad I took it

Awesome title

by Jeremy Kireru
Very easy to read and understand, and straight to the point.